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The hilarious duo behind popular local YouTube channel MunahHirziOfficial are taking their final bow this month, after a decade in the scene. But before Munah Bagharib and Hirzi Zulkiflie go their separate ways, the comedic brains behind the videos are putting on a one-night-only stage show to celebrate the end of their online reign and bid a proper farewell to their fans. Expect to see your favorite characters, including the Makciks, the Minahs, and the Aunties, to make an appearance, alongside dance group The Limited Edition Crew and funny people Fukkah Fuzz, Dee Kosh, Preetipls, and Wayne Cheong in a no-holds-barred comedy roast of the duo. From humble beginnings with guerilla-style dare videos to their now-famous music parodies, the best friends have come a long way since they were students studying for media management diplomas at Temasek Polytechnic. Grove: Coconuts Brand Studio. We produce creativity that delights and influences customers. Join forces with us to slay buzzwords, rise above the noise, and sow the seeds of something great. You must be logged in as a Coconuts User to comment. On this registration page you can sign up to become a free Coconuts User, which does not grant you unlimited access to Coconuts content.

Munah Hirzi

Hirzi Zulkiflie was born on the 24th of June, He is known for being a YouTuber. He and fellow YouTuber JianHao Tan often post observationally comedic videos to their respective channels. The two began posting videos to their channel in December The year-old youtuber was born in Malaysia. He graduated from Temasek Polytechnic University with a degree in communications and media management.

Actress and host Munah Bagharib walks us through her entire beauty routine and Munah Bagharib, formerly one half of YouTube comedy duo Munah and Hirzi, We create daily content about beauty, fashion, dating, and stories of everyday.

Having turned down villain roles in the past, actor Bobby Tonelli plays a ‘jerk’on new Suria series. He plays Jacob Summers, the money-minded manager of the pair Munah and Hirzi see other report , and he schemes to break them up for personal gain. Not only did the drama trend at No. The eight-episode show is based on the wacky antics of local YouTube sensations and best friends Maimunah Bagharib Munah , 24, and Hirzi Zulkiflie, Tonelli, who speaks English on the Malay programme, had turned down roles that asked him to play villains in the past because he didn’t want local viewers to see him as one.

He says he knows what viewers’ wrath can be like after his character in recent Channel 8 drama Double Bonus made the transition from “nice” to “not so nice” on screen. The cast also included Malaysian actress Tracy Lee and Tonelli played her on-screen boyfriend in his first full-fledged Mandarin-speaking role , fending off a love rival played by Hong Kong actor Tom Price. Tonelli, 36, told The New Paper: “The Channel 8 audience are very invested in the characters that they watch on TV, they really believe these shows.

But when his insecurities caused him to be less amiable he wasn’t even a bad person , I started hearing that my Mandarin sucked on the show. As for the criticism, Tonelli said he would take it into consideration and work harder to perfect his craft.

Singapore stars Munah and Hirzi say goodbye to their YouTube channel

Hirzi Zulkiflie is a year-old YouTuber from Malaysia. He was born on Saturday, June 24, Is Hirzi Zulkiflie married or single, and who is he dating now? He graduated from Temasek Polytechnic University with a degree in communications and media management. It was here that he met his YouTube partner, Maimunah Bagharib.

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Link: Hirzi and munah dating. Retrieved 24 May In Tonelli co-starred in “The Circle House” a Vating 5 telemovie which aired in late February, Suria.

My first memory, mainly because she tells me this story all the time, is when I was about two or three years old and my mum had just neatened up my cot and placed me in to rest. She walked away and a few moments later, turned around to see if I was okay. Then she saw that the whole cot had been messed up again and there I was, giggling at her. She said this happened quite a lot when I was younger. We were born on the same date 29 November! So yes, I made her stay in the hospital on her birthday.

One characteristic that we share is the need to have things organised. My mum likes to pack things according to type, numbers, dates, memories and I inherited that trait from her.

Who is Hirzi Zulkiflie dating? Hirzi Zulkiflie Dating/Relationship History

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But before Munah Bagharib and Hirzi Zulkiflie go their separate ways, the comedic brains behind the videos are putting on a one-night-only.

After a decade of making Singaporeans laugh on YouTube, popular comedic duo Munah Bagharib and Hirzi Zulkiflie – better known simply as Munah and Hirzi – are going their separate ways. While the pair, whose YouTube channel MunahHirziOfficial has more than , subscribers, are feeling “bittersweet” about the split, they have been planning to do this for a long time, they say. I’m just thankful for all the opportunities that we’ve been given all these years,” says Hirzi, To bid their fans a proper farewell as a twin act, they will be putting on a stage show at Capitol Theatre, where they will portray nine of the most popular personas featured on their YouTube channel.

These include the nosey makcik auntie in Malay and two versions of the minah, a colloquial term for Malay girls. Hirzi says with a laugh: “We’re doing this show for the fans because some of them love us too much and are in denial that it’s going to be over. I’m nervous about the show, but that’s also a good thing, because it means I really care.

Brunch with Buro: Munah Bagharib

Online sensations Munah and Hirzi have come a long way since launching their YouTube channel back in Over the last 10 years, Maimunah Bagharib and Hirzi Zulkiflie have surprised and entertained young viewers in Singapore with their series of videos touching on hot talking points in the country through bold, sassy and unconventional ways. The show is also made possible by Gushcloud Entertainment and youth arts enterprise Invasion Singapore.

It has been rated Advisory 16, which means that audiences must be aged 16 years old and above. Related stories:. Follow Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore on Facebook.

For Munah and Hirzi, their lives are about to become much more bigger than that 10 Dares video they posted back in The wacky duo.

For Munah and Hirzi , their lives are about to become much more bigger than that 10 Dares video they posted back in Here we go! Popspoken: Since starting out 3 years ago, was having a TV show ever in the cards for the both of you? How do you feel about reaching this stage in your careers? Maimunah: Not at all. A lot of people have asked us, whether this path is what we intended for.

But honestly, when we first got on to YouTube, we just did it for fun and to share videos among our friends. When we fist posted up 10 Dares on MunahHirziOfficial, we wanted to just share it between our closer friends but other people starting watching and liking it and then asking for more. The rest is history. Hirzi and I, even before YouTube, have always been interested in drama.

And in some ways, it has helped us grow a lot more as performers and writers. How did the concept came about and how has the filming process been thus far? A writer from Papahan Films approached us and told us about this concept he thought of and he had us.

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But 10 years and more than , subscribers later, the local comedic duo called it quits this January. While Hirzi has been doing stand up gigs and throwing shade as Syasya on the internet, Munah has remained quiet on the YouTube front. We caught up with the year-old to find out what one of the comedic voices of the Millennial generation is up to these days.

Since you and Hirzi decided to pursue different paths, what have you been doing? I was also recently shooting for an epic show, Celebrity Car Wars Season 3.

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Suria actress Nadiah M. Din was “taken aback” when she found out that she has been named as the third party in the Peh-Tonelli relationship. As Qi Yuwu enters the Peh-Tonelli drama, another party finds herself caught in it as well. Lianhe Wanbao reported on Saturday that an alleged third party was the cause of the break-up, and pointed to the year-old Malay actress.

She did not disclose further details about her boyfriend except that he is not local and not in the industry. Tonelli echoed her statement. When asked if they were dating, he told The New Paper: “Not even close! She believed the rumours may have started because she was seated next to Tonelli at Malay awards show Pesta Perdana last month. The pair were nominated in the same category – Crook Paling Terror! Most Famous Villain , which she won. When contacted, Tonelli, 37, said he told Nadiah because he felt she needed to know as soon as possible.

Who is Hirzi Zulkiflie Dating Now?

Hirzi Zulkiflie YouTuber 31 years old Single. The YouTuber was born in Malaysia on June 24, The two began posting videos to their channel in December

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